Salon 101 - Trashed my hair, refused full refund

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Just spent 175 on cut, color and glue in color extensions. The extensions fell off within the hour of leaving the salon. The glue is still stuck in my hair, making the back stick straight up. The haircut is very uneven. One side of my bangs is about 1/2 inch long, so it sticks straight up. The other side much longer. My hair color is streaky. My roots have a orange tinge to them, the middle of the hair is lighter, and my ends are very dark. Its very apparent in sunlight. My scalp also was tight and cracking the morning after color, sensitive to touch with a multiple scabby patches, and lots of flaking. I commented on it hurting while in the chair, the stylist said it was her hair dryer. Perhaps looking at my head, rather than quickly dismissing would have been a good idea. I have had many hair colors in my life, never had this happen. The last color service I'd had the stylist used the same brand. It took the stylist 3 times to get the color right, then it looked ok after. Not this time. I also mentioned that it looked streaky then, pointing specifically to my roots and the patch on the side, and I was very quickly told I could go darker next time.

I spoke to salon as the results were unsatisfactory, and had caused painful scalp damage.The salon owner offered to refund me for the extensions, but offered no advice or comment on the hair color, scalp, or rough haircut. Even after I said that in the big picture, the refund is not important, and the extensions were only part of the problem. As far as the glue, I was told by the stylist to get it out myself with conditioner, I tried, no luck. With my scalp being sore still, I am reluctant to yank or tug at it.

I was crying most of the weekend over how I look, and how I was treated. Nobody had solutions when I brought up the problems, all I got was snapping dismissive remarks, and attempts to downplay the problem, and point the finger at me, the customer whose scalp was burned, and hair destroyed.

My scalp hurts, and the flaking and scabs are disgusting.

I can't go to work like this. I had to go to my doctor and get an antibiotic to prevent infection. I was forced to cancel a meeting so I can go to a salon to get repaired as much as possible, however after seeing the mess in person the stylist I'm seeing told me that I will have to wait to fix the color, until my burned scalp heals up.

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